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Authoring Features Free Trial Standard Corporate
Create, record presentations
Add, edit & reorder slides
PowerPoint animation support
Add URL slides
Add document or video slides
Add attachments
Questions, polls, surveys
Presentation Features
Email Invitations
Standard Guestbook registration fields
Customizable Guestbook registration fields
Customizable branding
Completion Criteria
Email view receipt
Basic reporting
Security & Account Administration
Secure hosting of application & content
Login encryption
Presentation-level security settings
Set presentation expiry dates
Full SSL encryption of application and content transmission
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  2. This amount is for 12 calendar months starting on the date of your initial purchase. You will need to renew this plan after the 12 calendar months to keep the room from expiration. MySlidePresenter will contact you 30 days prior to the expiration date to determine if you wish to renew.