• pre-registrationPre Registration

    With MySlidePresenter, knowing who has viewed your training or presentation is completely controlled by you. You decide when creating your event what information your guest must enter before viewing.

  • firewall-compatibleFirewall Compatible

    MySlidePresenter uses the latest Flash technology the ensure anyone with a PC or MAC can access the trainings and presentations you create.

  • corporate-brandingCorporate Branding

    Let the MySlidePresenter experts help you fully brand the platform to have the look and feel of YOUR company. From the choice of fonts to the color and images that appear on your training and presentation pages. Never worry what operating system or version compatibility issues, MySlidePresenter looks exactly the same on every browser and device online and offline.

  • polling-and-surveysPolling, Surveys, Exams and reporting

    Got metrics? MySlidePresenter does! Know exactly who watched your training or event and details of any polls, surveys or exams that were completed during the event.

  • unlimited-updatesUnlimited Duration

    No matter if your training or event is 3 minutes or 3 hours feel confident knowing that you have no recording limits with MySlidePresenter.

  • electronic-questionsElectronic Questions

    On-demand events doesn’t mean you can’t interact with the visitors of your training or event. MySlidePresenter allows your attendees to ask questions at any time during their event. Questions are active in the MySlidePresenter database which can be viewed in your custom report manager, and also sent discreetly via email to the trainer or presenter so they can be notified immediately of the question.

  • download-documentsDownload Documents

    MySlidePresenter allows the trainer or presenter to upload documents directly into the event so your audience can have access to any documents that pertain to the training or event.

  • MP3 Creation

    We understand that some attendees are on the go. The MySlidePresenter platform can deliver downloadable MP3 stereo quality audio that your attendees can listen to on any portable MP3 player, giving them the freedom of listening to your presentations ANYWHERE.

  • Social Media

    MySlidePresenter give you the option to allow your guest to share trainings and events with their social media friends via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and email.

  • Dynamic PowerPoints

    MySlidePresenter keeps the integrity of the original Microsoft PowerPoint. This means transitions, animations and hyperlinks work exactly the way they do in Microsoft PowerPoint!

  • Pre-recorded Video

    MySlidePresenter allows you to upload pre-recorded videos directly into your training or event projects. This allows your audience to view the video during the on-demand event.

  • Attendee Invitation Builder

    Need help with notifying your audience of your training and event. MySlidePresenter has a built in invitation builder that can help you create stunning HTML based invitations AND send the invites out to attendees of your.