marketingReach a greater number of potential customers anywhere in the world for less, with MyWebinarPlace Marketing Solutions-and watch how quickly you generate new customers, gain a time to market advantage and distribute knowledge of product. MyWebinarPlace services give you the tools to instantly engage your target audience. Meetings can happen in real time with clients around the world-incurring no travel costs and eliminating hours of lost productivity to your company. In fact many corporations using MyWebinarPlace realize ROI quickly.

Our Marketing Solutions can help you:

  • Reach more customers and leads faster without the costs associated with a physical event. Improve your time to market by delivering real time events instantly, anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • Drive awareness by sharing information about your company, products and services without spending time traveling.
  • Train internal and external groups on products, initiatives or services initiatives or services.
  • Get immediate feedback without the expense of bringing large groups together in one physical location.
  • Maintain your corporate presence with your clients, analysts and other influencers.
  • Answer electronic questions. This saves time and makes your presentation or event more effective with less follow-up.
  • Record and archive your event for viewers to watch at their convenience.