Human Resource

human-resourceWhether you are training new hires, want to communicate with your entire staff, board members, or upper management, MyWebinarPlace has a solution to accomplish all of this without your intended audience having to leave their desks. Collect immediate feedback from your audience so that you can react quickly to the needs of employees. We give you the ability to communicate your message quickly and effectively without requiring any special training from your organization. Gain the ability to provide fast and efficient delivery of knowledge and skills.

Our HR Solution gives the ability to:

  • Provide Flexible Meeting Environments, extend your reach to small or large groups locally or globally.
  • Stay Informed, keep your staff up to date on new procedures regarding company policies, corporate procedures, stock options, company guidelines, etc.
  • Message Consistency, ensure all employees get the same message.
  • Make Better Use of Time, collaborate online, in real-time using IB Productions powerful meeting tools.
  • Instant Results, interact online through the use of, surveys, polls and attendance tracking reports.
  • Virtual Team Building, widely spread out teams now have the ability to interact more with one another than just the phone.
  • No travel Required, enjoy the saving your gain with the ability of reaching an unlimited audience whether they are across the globe without leaving your office.
  • Return On Investment, do more for less. Employees learn at their own pace.
  • Record and archive your event for viewers to watch at their own convenience.