applicationsMySlidePresenter’s interactive, training and presentation solutions enable your sales staff to quickly be up to date with new changes in your organization. MySlidePresenter enables you to reach a broader audience than conventional training techniques saving time and money.

Sales Solutions

Sell more by knowing more with no down time. MyWebinarPlace interactive, web solutions enable your sales staff to be up to date with new changes in your organization, attend global sales meetings and new product training at your convenience.

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Reach a greater number of potential customers anywhere in the world for less, with MySlidePresenter Marketing Solutions-and watch how quickly you generate new customers, gain a time to market advantage and distribute knowledge of product.

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Training Classes

Train more people, more efficiently and more effectively while cutting cost and time. MyWebinarPlace has actively expanded its market presence in the learning segment by catering to the needs and initiatives of our customers.

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Human Resource

Whether you are training new hires, want to communicate with your entire staff, board members, or upper management, MyWebinarPlace has a solution to accomplish all of this without your intended audience having to leave their desks.

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